Adding zk archetype to maven in eclipse

on eclipse or sts click on window > preferences and  on the left pane menu go to Maven and expand the menu choose Archetypes here click on add remote catalog and type in Catalog file: Description: zk click on okay. When you create a new maven project from the catalog choose zk and select your favorite


When we talked about DTD and Definition we also have attributes in XML. Whad do attributes stand for? Well we may need extra definition(s) for an element of an xml file, studied in previous chapter evaluate the example below: <?xml version="1.0"?> <user> <name>Tugrul</name> <lastname>ASLAN</lastname> <country>Turkey</country> </user> Let’s think about we want to define a university degree

DTD and Definition

We see big use of XML (eXtensible markup language) everywhere, especially in web programming and web services we do have to use XMLs. How is a simple XML file? <?xml version="1.0"?> <user> <name>Tugrul</name> <lastname>ASLAN</lastname> <country>Turkey</country> </user> The below example we are using the given XML data we have the tags like <user> </user> but how

Spring MVC Form Example

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple form using Spring 3 MVC Web framework. I have checked other examples regarding creation of forms in Spring MVC Framework, there are many ways of achieving it. With the simplicity  of Spring MVC version 3, we are easing our forms to be implemented

Mastering Spring MVC

In this article I will be covering Spring MVC web framework. There are separated and different articles written regarding the framework. I will try to keep it simpler and more clear for you. Spring MVC web framework is established on Model View Control web design patter which has been commonly and widely used in many