Getting selected items in listbox ZK

Reading Time: 1 minute In one of my project I really needed one of piece of this code and dwelled on that for a long while. I asked for assistance from a senior and he showed me how to, and I would like to share this piece of helpful code with you. In controller class I did not create

Using html elements in ZK

Reading Time: 1 minute Well today I had to face this situation since I am a newbie in ZK Framework. In a single line in my code I had to leave a new space between two different components I found the solution first of all we need to add the ZK html namespace in our code and with the

Difference Between Overloading and Overriding

Reading Time: 1 minute This difference always a big question in developers minds. Even I do get confused sometimes and I believe this explanation and best practice will help you through the understanding the differences of those methods Overloading: in the same class n methods using the same names but acquiring different parameters/arguments. Let’s see them in an example:

Eclipse Tomcat 404 Issue

Reading Time: 1 minute Recently I experience this issue, even after a fresh tomcat and  eclipse installation, I add the server on eclipse and when I run it, it does show 404 page but when I manually run it it works smoothly, so the solution is very simple. Stop your server and right click on the server and choose