Simple Calendar Date Picker

For my university assignment a small and useful date picker which only picks up weekdays. Moreover it has previous and next buttons which will provide pre and next dates. I’ve quickly designed a built-in Swing using netbeans whereas I’ve developed my project. When the application is fire, current day’s date is printed in the textbox

Autoboxing and Unboxing

Autoboxing and Unboxing is introduced in java since the version of 1.5. A Autoboxing is the automatic conversation that when we convert a primitive type to its corresponding wrapper class; Example int intPrimitive = 15; Integer intWrapper = new Integer(intPrimitive); double doublePrimitive = 15.10; Double doubleWrapper = new Double(doublePrimitive); Unboxing is the reversed version of


Generics can be thought of a pool containing as many objects as possible or allowing us to bring as many objects as we wish in i as well. So the below code is a simple java bean holding two objects with getters and setters nothing has been specified because we don’t know what sort of