Simple Calendar Date Picker

For my university assignment a small and useful date picker which only picks up weekdays. Moreover it has previous and next buttons which will provide pre and next dates. I’ve quickly designed a built-in Swing using netbeans whereas I’ve developed my project. When the application is fire, current day’s date is printed in the textbox

Collections Interface

  Main portion of collection java.util.Collection<E> is event lies on generics. The <E> depends on users wrapper class choice.  Collections interface does guarantee the following methods: add and addAll clear contains and containsAll equals and hashCode isEmpty iterator remove, removeAll and retainAll size toArray A few examples of collection interface applications are; Set List Map

Autoboxing and Unboxing

Autoboxing and Unboxing is introduced in java since the version of 1.5. A Autoboxing is the automatic conversation that when we convert a primitive type to its corresponding wrapper class; Example int intPrimitive = 15; Integer intWrapper = new Integer(intPrimitive); double doublePrimitive = 15.10; Double doubleWrapper = new Double(doublePrimitive); Unboxing is the reversed version of


Generics can be thought of a pool containing as many objects as possible or allowing us to bring as many objects as we wish in i as well. So the below code is a simple java bean holding two objects with getters and setters nothing has been specified because we don’t know what sort of