Getting a resource file from package folder

Reading Time: 1 minute I needed to acquire a media file into my project so simply in com.tugrulaslan.resources folder I’ve copied and pasted my images and in the java file i implemented the below code to use it in my app This piece of code also allows you to set a background image for your Jframe JLabel backgroundImage =

Autoboxing and Unboxing

Reading Time: 1 minute Autoboxing and Unboxing is introduced in java since the version of 1.5. A Autoboxing is the automatic conversation that when we convert a primitive type to its corresponding wrapper class; Example int intPrimitive = 15; Integer intWrapper = new Integer(intPrimitive); double doublePrimitive = 15.10; Double doubleWrapper = new Double(doublePrimitive); Unboxing is the reversed version of


Reading Time: 2 minutes Generics can be thought of a pool containing as many objects as possible or allowing us to bring as many objects as we wish in i as well. So the below code is a simple java bean holding two objects with getters and setters nothing has been specified because we don’t know what sort of