Javascript Useful Resources

Finding out whether the browser is Google Chrome [javascript] isChrome = /Chrome/.test(navigator.userAgent) &amp;&amp; /Google Inc/.test(navigator.vendor); [/javascript] Getting element by class name and changing styles [javascript] var arr = document.getElementsByClassName("ui-datepicker-trigger"); var arrLength = arr.length for (i = 0; i < arrLength; i++) { arr[i].textContent=" "; arr[i].style.height="15px"; arr[i].style.padding="4px"; } [/javascript] Getting element by id and appending style’s

FileVisitor Interface Sample

In this sample file visitor interface you can list all the folders and their regarding files   import; import java.nio.file.FileVisitResult; import java.nio.file.FileVisitor; import java.nio.file.Files; import java.nio.file.Path; import java.nio.file.Paths; import java.nio.file.attribute.BasicFileAttributes; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; public class MyFileVisitor implements FileVisitor<Path> { private Map<String, List<String>> data = new HashMap<>(); private Map<String, IOException>

Useful Oracle DB Hints

Importing data imp userid=baldo_test/baldotest1@localbaldo file=c:\oracle\temp\localbaldo.dmp log=c:\oracle\temp\imp.log   Export data exp  userid=baldo_test/baldotest1@localbaldo file=user1.dmp Dropping a user [code]DROP USER USERNAME CASCADE;[/code] Creating a user [code] CREATE USER USERNAME IDENTIFIED BY "PASSWORD" ACCOUNT UNLOCK; [/code] Truncate Table PL/SQL [code] BEGIN FOR c IN (SELECT table_name, constraint_name FROM user_constraints WHERE constraint_type = ‘R’) LOOP EXECUTE IMMEDIATE (‘alter table ‘