Mediator Design Pattern

Description The Mediator Pattern falls into the Behavioral Pattern. Simply what it does and as its name gives the trick is that, the mediator object is the center in between interacted objects. It allows modules to communicate with each other in a loosely coupled matter. When you are picking up on a pattern when the objects

Builder Pattern in Java

The Builder pattern eliminates building the complexity of the target object as well as eases the construction by providing such methods that will assemble the object same as building a set of blocks. By implementing the Builder pattern, there won’t be any need of larger constructors, parameter objects or custom types. Furthermore, the Builder pattern

Callable Interface

Normally when we work with threads and runnable does not return a processed product, for that reason we either need to have our own implementations using observer pattern or Callable interface provided default by Java Even Callable interface has been designed by using observer patter. Observer pattern is simply to notify other concrete classes when one

Strategy Pattern

This pattern is listed in Behavioral pattern which allows you to define sets of algorithms in the parent class which will be extended by sub classes in which all the given algorithms are interchangeable. The best way to observe this pattern is to study the below example. public abstract class Employee { public abstract int