Oracle JNDI LDAP Connection Test

Reading Time: 1 minute If you want to test your ldap connection you may use this code. Please keep in mind when you create the project add Spring necessary jars as well as spring ldap and sun-jndi-ldapbp.jar package springframeworkldapclient; import java.util.Hashtable; import javax.naming.Context; import javax.naming.NamingException; import javax.naming.ldap.InitialLdapContext; import javax.naming.ldap.LdapContext; public class LdapContextCreation { public static void main(String[] args) { LdapContextCreation

Spring Security Login Example

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this tutorial we are covering full of spring security login example but with no database connection. With following tutorials I am thinking to add one with database. To understand basic spring security you may study this example. In this tutorial I used maven and you will find the pom.xml file as well and my

Spring 3 MVC Hello World Example

Reading Time: 2 minutes In this simple tutorial I will show you how to create the folder structure, add necessary libraries and write code of Spring 3 MVC. First off all your project has to have the following jars to be imported in your project minimum: antlr-2.7.6.jar commons-lang-2.4.jar commons-logging-1.1.1.jar jstl.jar log4j-1.2.11.jar org.springframework.beans-3.0.6.RELEASE.jar org.springframework.context-3.0.6.RELEASE.jar org.springframework.core-3.0.6.RELEASE.jar org.springframework.expression-3.0.6.RELEASE.jar org.springframework.web-3.0.6.RELEASE.jar org.springframework.web.servlet-3.0.6.RELEASE.jar This is