Overriding existing components style/css

<window title=”Application Window” border=”normal” width=”100%” height=”100%” apply=”com.tugrulaslan.controller.IndexController”> <style> <!– Listbox Header –> .z-listheader-content{ color: green !important; } <!– Listbox Cell –> .z-listcell-content{ color: red !important; } <!– Groupbox Header –> .z-caption-content{ color: blue !important; } <!– Label –> .z-label{ color: yellow !important; } </style> </window> Result

Spring ZKoss Customized Login, Logout, Authorization and Authentication

CustomAuthenticationFilter.java public class CustomAuthenticationFilter extends UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter { @Autowired private xxService xService; static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(CustomAuthenticationFilter.class); @Override public Authentication attemptAuthentication(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws AuthenticationException { String username = request.getParameter(getUsernameParameter()); String password = request.getParameter(getPasswordParameter()); String server = request.getParameter(“server”); if(username.trim().length() == 0 || password.trim().length() == 0){ logger.error(“Error empty credentials entered ” + username + password

Adding zk archetype to maven in eclipse

on eclipse or sts click on window > preferences and  on the left pane menu go to Maven and expand the menu choose Archetypes here click on add remote catalog and type in Catalog file: http://mavensync.zkoss.org/maven2/ Description: zk click on okay. When you create a new maven project from the catalog choose zk and select your favorite