Cmder and system variables

Cmder has been a console emulator application that I love to use on my windows terminal.( It is very useful while it offers built in apps like git, linux command lines, ssh etc.

I’ve had difficulties while trying to run a few of apps because of windows system variables, like PATH in the system environment.

I’ve spend a long time to identify the main issue, which was that I’ve defined my java, maven and scala homes on the user environment and build the PATH variable defined in the system variable as %JAVA_HOME%\bin;%MAVEN_HOME%\bin etc.

When I tried to launch maven or java on both cmd and cmder, it failed to load, because those homes were set in the user variables, then I’ve decided to move all these user variables down to the system variables. The result was as expected, it all worked like a charm


when issues echo %PATH% then all the home folders looked with their correct full path nothing like %JAVA_HOME% because user variables were not recognized in the system PATH

Then there was one issue left off to be solved on the cmder side, which weirdly printed many of paths so on the app push on WINDOWSBUTTON + ALT + T or on the bottom of the right screen, you’ll see a green + button, click on it and click on “Setup tasks…” option accordingly

then switch to the Environment on the left hand of the menu

1.cross off the path selections as shown below

2.for the path remove the entry and replace it with this   set PATH=%PATH%;


when you type echo %PATH% on cmder you’ll see a nicer path and corrected paths of apps

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