Configuring Github and Git with Intellij

Hi guys

For a long while i was dwelling on to set up intellij with github using its git.exe client so today I have come to the conclusion. The below you will find to how add your github account into Intellij and carry out other necessary objectives

please notice that these settings are for windows

Go to Settings(CTRL+ALT+S) type in  github and enter your details click on apply

Then type in VCS here add your github path which gotta be most likely “C:\Users\USERFOLDER\Documents\GitHub” and choose Git for VCS click on apply save your setting

Then type in git path to git is really tricky this is one of the other things caused me weeks, so for path look for this exact path in windows explorer “C:\Users\USERFOLDER\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_(SOMELONGNUMBERS)\bin\git.exe”

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