Eclipse/STS 3.6.0 Luna configuration with Bitbucket Git


In this post i will show you how you can configure existing IDE with bitbucket git. First of all you may need git client installed on your device, if you don’t have it. The below you can find git installation. We shall start out with establishing a new repo or existing at

Git client installation

Once you create the repo copy the below link


First of all Go to eclipse market and download install Egit(I’ve already installed it, you will install and restart the IDE)



When we are all set, we need to switch to Git perspective to ease the configuration, so from the top right of the panel find perspective button whereas I’ve marked in yellow, choose Git and click on ok



Once you copy full qualifier domain address with https prefix click on clone a git reporsitory



Choose Clone URI



After you choose next screen you will enter the link to URI, as soon as you do, all fields will be filled except for password. Enter your password and if you wanna keep your password saved click on Store in Secure Store



Next screen plugin will scan existing projects in the repo, since I newly establish an empty repo there is nothing, if you have project(s) choose to continue



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