Linked List

Reading Time: 3 minutes Definition Linked List yet another linear data structure like Arrays, but its internal is completely different compared to other data structures. Let’s first have a visual look how the data structure looks like As you can see in the above image Linked List maintains a list of objects linked to themselves as also the name


Reading Time: 2 minutes Definition Queue is a linear data structure the iteration starts at one point and carries on to the end point. It maintains FIFO First In First Out in sequence and has two varieties of implementations; we can prefer to implement in array or singly linked list. To elaborate FIFO with an example; a queue of


Reading Time: 2 minutes Definition Stack is a very usable data structure. It is not as widely as used in our daily coding tasks, because of its nature of LIFO. Let’s elaborate LIFO; LIFO is the abbreviation of Last-In-First-Out. What can it really mean for us? Well there is only one specific reason why you would want to use

Binary Tree

Reading Time: 6 minutes Binary Tree Definition Binary tree is a non-linear data structure that is composed of two nodes at most. This is where its name comes from. However, it is not necessarily for a Binary Tree to have maximum two nodes. However, it can be even zero. Furthermore, there is also an implementation of Binary Tree called