Tomcat 7: exceeds the configured maximum capacity cannot upload larger than 50mb

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Well today at work i was gonna present my work and I didnot wanna mess up with tomcat 6 configured and works on my project, I stopped tomcat 6 and launched tomcat 7 already had the war file. So as usual I fired up tomcat 7 and launched the manager console and pointed my war file to be uploaded, but unfortunately I faced an issue that tomcat 7 manager cannot upload larger than 50MB! So the solution is very simple

  1. Stop tomcat 7 server
  2. navigate to the TOMCAT7FOLDER/webapps/manager/WEB-INF/
  3. edit web.xml file with your favorite text editor
  4. go to the line starts with <max-file-size> and alter the size you want
  5. go to the line starts with <max-request-size> and alter the size you want
  6. Fire up the tomcat 7 app server

And give it another shot to upload your larger war file.